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Check PTCL Telephone Duplicate Bill Download Online September 2017

How to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online and Download Duplicate Bill (Publisher Description):

Hello everyone welcomes to another article. On this page you will get all the detailed information regarding How to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online and Download Duplicate Bill, and how you can check Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL Telephone bill Online and how can you download a duplicate bill and then print online copy. Nowadays it is an easy task to download the duplicate bill online. It would advise and suggest he users read this article very carefully so that if they have query confusion it must be cleared anyway. So let’s get started. This will help you to check you current PTCL Telephone Bill Online and download the actual duplicate of your bill without any further delay. The process of this is very easy and you don’t have to rush out to any centers for the duplicated bill and wait for hours just by standing in a queue. It is normal and may happen much time that our regular bills are misplaced somewhere or you cannot find it actually or the conditions are very bad. And we get worried about getting a copy of it because we have to pay it before the due date. Because no one wants to spend extra money. So You need to get an online copy of it and pay it. you can also check How to Check FESCO Bill Online and Download FESCO Duplicate bill


According to the statistics in Pakistan, PTCL has the most users than any other of the competitors.  It is almost used in homes, offices, schools and were not. The bill comes every month at the end which contains all the information about the usage and billing history. As it is monthly based subscription so we all have to pay the bill for each month before the deadline. If you accidentally lost your bill by chance or delayed in paying, then you have to pay a certain amount of the cash in a penalty.  If you want to avoid such penalties and face the problem Here on this page we will show you how to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online and Download Duplicate Bill easily at home at a glance.

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Procedure on How to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online and Download Duplicate Bill

It is Not like old days standing in the long line just to grab the bill and then pay it. Technology have took it over and made life so easy for us that the thing earlier taken days to be done are now done under minutes. You just need to have an internet connection and supporting device or computer.  Now you no need to go exchange for the Duplicate Bill. Carefully follow all the mentioned step in order to get the bill.

First of all, the visit the official website of the PTCL where they provide the services to its customer and then go to the view bill section. You can now check PTCL telephone Bill online free just by entering your phone number and Specific Account ID.  Wait for a while it will take some moments and then your bill will be on your screens.

Click Here to Check PTCL Duplicate Bill

Important Details of Get PTCL Bill

There is no need to submit any application for the duplicate bill. You just have to enter your Land line number and Account ID to grab out your Bill instantly you can view the bill or you can print it. This process is absolutely free of cost and easy to conduct and get your desired document.

The bill you have to download is accepted everywhere and you can pay it where ever you want. Just take the amount with you and pay the bill to keep the receipt with you. you can also download a free copy of your PTCL duplicate bill copy from here. It is not a third party service PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited) now provide facility to check and download your PTCL bills online with free of cost. If you are using PTCL broadband service and facing problem in speed, then you can check its speed. The information and Bill will be provided from the official website so you may not worry about the authenticity of the document.

No doubt it’s a true statement that Internet made it easier for all the consumers to get all the facilities online while sitting at home or anywhere. After downloading the bill if you notice any options that are not correct or the charges are extra. Then you must launch a query or complain about that. You can even order new connection or launch a complain your connection online as well you can download PTCL Duplicate bill on the go without wasting your time by visiting the PTCL office. PTCL has an online portal for its costumes which is made for all the purpose and contains all the details and information. There you will find step and tutorial you can get the complete history of your connection. If you are facing any difficulty then you can also launch a complaint. If the service is free and you can keep the record of bills so why do we show carelessness? Because in many cases we need to show our previous record If we did not have the record, then it could be a problem for us. This service is totally free :).


We hope that it is an easy tutorial on how to get PTCL duplicate bill. And by following this procedure you can get your online copy. So in case If you don’t receive PTCL bill of the current month or you have lost it. Don’t worry we have got this problem fixed for you. If you follow all these steps carefully you will surely have your bill. And this bill is acceptable anywhere. If this procedure works for you kindly share this. On just in case you have any confusion still about the steps or method feel free to ask in the comments section.  If This article helped you in any manner or solved, your problem feel free to share it with your friends and family so they can benefit from it also.

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