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7 Ways to do Online Jobs in Pakistan at Home Without Investment

Online Jobs in Pakistan at Home Without Investment: Are you sitting home in search for work? Want to do something that is hassle free, doesn’t give you much tension as the usual part-time or full-time jobs do and earns you money while at home? Well then guess what people? Online jobs are the just thing for you then! Sit at home and earn more than you could’ve imagined for while being tension free. With minimal costs and as such no authoritative power to constantly supervise you.

These my friends are the perks of doing online jobs. So as our target audience is within Pakistan so in this article we are going to focus on “Online Jobs in Pakistan”. Here we are going to tell that how can you earn a generous amount while sitting at home and what online jobs you can do?

You must watch this video regarding Online Jobs in Pakistan and Get brief information regarding it.

The Ultimate Guide To Online Jobs In Pakistan At Home without investment

Online Jobs in Pakistan at Home

We are going to tell you everything step by step so it will require a little of your time, but after reading this whole post you will have an idea on how you can make money online and earn more than the usual paying jobs could’ve given you.

Before we can start on with what jobs you can do online, first we need to tell you what “Freelancing” is?

What is Freelancing & Who Are Freelancers?

Online Jobs in Pakistan at Home

Freelancing is actually the term used for people who perform those work to which they are not necessarily committed for the full time. In other terms, we can say that they are self-employed! And these people are known as Freelancers. They get their work from agencies who sell them to different clients, some of them work independently or some search for their work through websites.

So, majority of the jobs which we will tell you would be Freelancing and performing them would make you Freelancers!

Now let’s guide you to some of the online jobs which you can perform:

1) Freelancing Website

If you think you have got the skills in any department be it content writing, marketing, designing or whatever you can put it together in place and earn from it while sitting at home! Many freelancing websites like upwork.com or fiverr.com  are platforms for people to do freelancing on whatever skills they have.

Online Jobs in Pakistan
Online Jobs in Pakistan

What will amaze you is the variety of category these websites have for freelancers. Not only just limited to content writing or designing stuff but much more. If you are not earning as per your desired skills or are in search for a job which earns you more then you opt for this work as it will surely reap what you are looking for.

How Do I Get Started with These Websites?

How Do I Get Started with These Websites

These websites are very simple and user-friendly! They have step by step guide mention there so that the users don’t get any difficulty while using them and when interacting with their clients. But still we will tell you how you would get going on them:

First you will have to create your own account and register yourself! Then you would have to list and select the area of your expertise and which type of work you are willing to do? You would need to make your profile as attractive as possible because the clients always check up on the freelancer’s profile before they choose him/her for their work.Your pay rate would depend on your freelancing experience on the site, the number of task you have completed and the rating given by your clients! So, whatever work you would do, make sure that you do it with your sheer dedication and with all of your skills for that work! Because in the end a good work would win you good reputation and good reputation will reap you more money!

2) Content Writing

Content Writing is also a category of free lancing but since it is one of the most common job in online jobs category so I have included it as a separate online job in Pakistan.

Most of the companies lack experienced or quality personnel to write for their website content, or most website creators also lack such people. So, they usually outsource their work to freelancing content writers, who charge according to different in every case like for example per words, per hour or per article.

This type of online job is very common in Pakistan and most of the people do it. It just requires good English, good vocabulary and good grammar. You can earn up to 30 thousand depending on your abilities and the work which your employer or client would give.

You can find content writing jobs easily by searching them on google or on facebook. You will be astonished to see that how many jobs have popped up for content writers!

3) Call Centre Employee


If you have good English speaking skills then you could even work as a Call Centre Employee at home. Yes that’s right! Companies now days want to minimize the costs as much as possible. So why have a separate office for handling customer complaints or speaking with customers on call when you could outsource the job by making people sit at home and do that exact work? Even call centres are adopting this approach and giving the jobs to their employees away at their homes.

What happens here is that you get connected to virtual call centre and receive or make calls to customers about resolving customer complaint or selling the company’s product, whatever is the demand of your employer.

The benefit of this job is that, you get to handle such a stressful job in a peaceful environment (your home). You could do this job easily while sitting at home with peace of mind and no such tensions as you would have in an office environment.

The pay rate for such jobs is usually Rs.15-30,000 monthly in Pakistan. But that again depends on working hours or number of calls made or whatever is basis of earning in that call centre.

Again, you can find online call centre jobs easily by searching them on google and facebook. Two of such famous call centres are Tribe Consultancy and The Lead Forum.

4) Online Teaching

Online Teaching

If you are a teaching enthusiast or think you can do teaching then you can also opt for online teaching. This is again one of the most recent and famous type of job which is quickly gaining recognition and popularity amongst people. Teaching in this era is regarded as one of the good earning jobs, whether in Pakistan or Internationally.

If you don’t want to go out and practically teach students, then you can also do that by sitting away at your home and reach new limits! You can teach internationally or at places where you couldn’t have gone due to immobility.

Online teaching requires you to have at least college degree and what’s more better than a bachelor, masters or a PhD degree? Remember, the higher your qualification the higher you get paid in this job.

You can teach students or a group of students through skype or any other online forum and in return charge them as per your wish. On hourly, monthly or sessional basis.

You can do online teaching by placing or publishing your own ads. If you want to interact directly with your target audience you could join free lancing forums like www.upwork.com or www.fiver.com or dedicated online tutoring websites.

Again, this is easy online jobs, and you can find them easily on google.

The range of your pay can differ on your expertise, qualification and how many students you could handle. But we guarantee you one thing, that is if you work with dedication you could even earn up-to Rs. 80,000 or plus easily.

5) Start Your Business

Start Your Business

What’s better than to start your own business online? If you have any expertise or skills in any area of interest then you could apply them in your own business. And what is better than to have a business of your own? Online business is also popular trend which has started taking place and yes, it is actually successful.

Like for example many people who were doing their work without any assistance of internet now have switched to online business. The most famous example for such type of businesses are online cloth sellers. Previously businesses which were operating physically now shifted to online and found out a much larger customer market and took orders from places which they never could’ve got to if they were operating physically.

This is just one of the online business examples, you could do whatever you want to if you focus on this! And as for the earning, sky is the limit!

6) Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Another one of the most commonly used method of earning money through online means is pay per click. Pay per click is a means of directing traffic to your site by placing ads, every time that ad is clicked the advertiser pays the publisher (or you can say the website owner) an amount of money for that ad.

The advertisers usually associate their ads with keywords to relevant target market and whenever that keywords are searched on search engines such as google they are directed to the content websites containing those ads!

In short, if you have got the skills to do this kind of work, you can earn hefty amounts! But this business depends a lot on your skills, dedication and time. It can a lot of time for your site to get popular amongst visitors and come on the first or second pages of google search engine.

But none the less you can find more about pay per click internet advertising model on google and how to start it.

7) Earn through YouTube

Earn through YouTube

You would’ve noticed that a lot YouTube channels have now popped up and more number of people have started making their vlogs and videos which are getting a high number of viewers and likes. Well these are all in one way or another associated with earning money through placing ads on their videos just like in pay per click websites.

What you have to do is just make a YouTube account. Every account has its channel, so here you could start uploading your videos which can get hit amongst viewers. More number of views means more money! After reaching a certain limit you could place ads on your website which would reap you revenue.

Remember that your videos have to be better than the previous ones uploaded. You could improve by adding better content, use of better camera and everything that your viewers would love to see.

This is why all of the vloggers and YouTube video makers say to subscribe their channel. Because the more number of subscriber, the more videos they will watch and the more ads will be placed on your videos and in the end, you will be making greater revenue.

This method requires again requires a lot of skills on how you make your videos interesting and your viewers engaged.

If you think you could do this, then search on google “How to earn money through YouTube” and you will see a number of searches for your questions with detailed answers.

You could earn a lot through this way but it all depends on your abilities you dedicate to this task. But one thing is for sure that if you become popular you could be earning 1.5 lakh plus easily.

Authors Take on Online Jobs:

Keeping in mind the economic conditions and the growing population rate of Pakistan, finding good jobs which pay you good enough are less. People are opting for other means of earning and one of them is through online jobs.

Online jobs is a vast field of jobs to choose from, depending on your interest and what you think fits the best for you. The costs are very minimal and revenues generated are high!

So, we do highly recommend that you consider this option if you want to start earning some good amount of money with mostly no one to answerable to and to become your own boss. These jobs can be performed in your relaxed home environment and whenever you want to!

So, guys hope you liked our detailed view on online jobs in Pakistan. We also tried to give you some of the best online jobs you could, but still there a lot more out there if you want to do something else other than these. We sincerely hope that you may succeed with whatever you plan on to do.

We hope that you liked reading this article, and if as gratitude of appreciation for us just like and share it. Thankyou!

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    • in pay per clicks, you must have a website, blog or a channel where the users come and read/watch your material and Once you get the link, you will be paid by the advertisers.

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      • Walaikum Asalam, Yes, There are various platforms where you provide online teaching and online course such as udemy. and In pakistan, online platforms are instutor.com, maktab.pk and various others as well.

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